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How to deal with lower back pain

Back pain is something that almost 80% of people deal with at some point in their lifetime. Whether that is on a minor scale, or something a bit more significant, it can be debilitating, frustrating and inconvenient at best. Today I'm going to share with you my top tips to deal with lower back pain from the comfort of your very own home! Let's dive into it.

The first tip I'm going to share with you has to do with your every day life - whether you're in pain or not. And that is your posture. Posture is a massive component of pain in majority of the clients I see, and most likely for yours too. The way we sit while driving or at work, the way we walk, run, stretch, get up and down. These are all things that contribute to our long term body health and could possibly lead to injury. So in saying this, check in on how you're sitting or standing right now. What is your pelvis doing? Is it tilting forward or backwards from your midline? What about your shoulders, are they rolled forward? And is your neck reaching out like a turtle coming out of it's shell? A simple body scan every hour or so only takes a few seconds, and can seriously save your body from some unwanted pain and injuries in the future!

Secondly, let's talk about body love. Not the self love we see on Insta, but the physical body love we give to ourselves - the massages, the physio, the osteo, the foam rolling. How often are you doing one or more of these? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Some of us (usually younger people) can get away with only treating our bodies every 2 months or so, and for others it takes a lot more care and attention (especially if you're super active!). Try to incorporate one or more of these into your self care routine, and especially concentrating on treating the glues and front of your hips, also known as your hip flexors. These are the muscles that typically pull and cause pain in the lower back.

Lastly, to help you overcome (or avoid) any back pain that may creep into your day, make sure to keep moving! Our bodies don't like being stuck in one position for too long, and that goes for 'perfect' posture also! movement by walking, stretching, and just simply standing up and changing positions will do you good when it comes to avoiding back pain. Regular movement allows the joints and muscles to stay loose, and not stiffen up or get too tight in certain spots.

Give these a try and enjoy your pain-free lower back!

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