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How To Come Back From An Injury

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Okay, so you’ve hurt yourself on the hill. Or you lifted something a bit too heavy at work. Maybe you’ve sneezed, twisted, or looked in the wrong direction and pain has swallowed you whole. What to do next?

Other than the obvious (I hope), which would be rest, ice (if necessary), compress, elevate & seek a doctors advice (depending on injury severity), the first thing that I would do is MOVE!

Movement is so important when it comes to recovery of any soft tissue injury you have. By introducing pain-free movement as early as possible, it prevents any scar tissue from building, which can cause restriction in the future, and increases blood flow to the area which promotes healing!

Second to movement, seeking a rehabilitation program from your therapist or movement coach is key to rebuilding the strength and stability that has been lost in the healing process. This program should consist of specific mobility, strength, balance & sometimes even proprioception work tailored for you and your injury.

The third and final piece piece of advice I would give (over the internet) would be to make sure you are getting enough sleep (our body’s time to rebuild & recover), and that your diet is full of nutritious foods that make you feel GOOD. Sleep and nutrition are the key to coming back from an injury, no matter how many stretch you are doing!

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See you on the mat.

Amala x

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